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绡悆绔炲僵浠€涔堣蒋浠跺ソ :中國頒布新規,限制未成年人玩游戲

篮球竞彩nba www.xvrnl.com   Beijing - No video games are allowed after 10pm. It is not allowed to play games for more than 90 minutes on non-holidays. Want virtual weapons and costumes? No more than 400 yuan per month.


  The Chinese government has issued new regulations aimed at curbing young people's addiction to video games. Senior officials believe that this problem is the reason why more and more young people in the whole society are suffering from myopia and poor learning.


  The National Press and Publication Administration announced on Tuesday that the rules prohibit users under the age of 18 from playing between 10 pm and 8 am, no more than 90 minutes on non-holidays, and no more than 3 hours on weekends and other holidays.


  These restrictions are the latest in the government's attempt to control the Chinese online gaming industry. It is the world's largest market with annual revenues of more than $33 billion and attracts hundreds of millions of users.


  Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, Chinese officials have taken stronger measures to supervise large technology companies and promote them to help spread the cultural values ??advocated by the Communist Party of China.


  Video games have become a universal goal. The official media likened some games to "poisons" and banned some games on the grounds of excessive violence.

  電子游戲已經成為一個普遍的目標。官方媒體將一些游戲比作“毒藥”,并以過于暴力為由,禁掉了一些游戲。<紐約時報中英文網 //www.xvrnl.com/>

  Xi Jinping publicly talked about the problem of poor eyesight in children last year, putting more pressure on officials to take action.


  According to the National Press and Publication Administration, minors must use real names and ID numbers when they log into the game. These regulations also limit the amount of money that young people can use to purchase virtual items such as weapons, clothing, and pets through the app. Depending on the age, these consumptions now have a ceiling of 200 to 400 yuan per month.


  Chinese officials said that these regulations are aimed at combating Internet addiction.


  “These issues affect the physical and mental health and normal learning life of minors,” the National Press and Publication Administration said in a statement issued by the official news agency Xinhua.


  Analysts said that these regulations have been largely anticipated by the industry and are unlikely to affect industry revenues. Many large technology companies, including Tencent and Netease, have imposed restrictions on younger users.


紐約時報中英文網 //www.xvrnl.com/

  Young gamers may also find ways to bypass the rules, such as using the parent's phone number and ID number.


  “There will always be loopholes,” said Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko Partners.

  “總會有漏洞,”尼科咨詢公司(Niko Partners)的高級分析師丹尼爾·艾哈邁德(Daniel Ahmad)說,

  However, he added that China is now one of the most regulated video game markets in the world, and domestic and foreign technology companies will be forced to pay closer attention to government policy statements.


  “I think this is very extreme compared to the West,” he said. “Distributors and developers need to be very wary of the content of the games they develop for the market.”


  Not long ago, Activision Blizzard, a US company, suspended an e-sports player who supported Hong Kong's anti-government demonstrations on the live broadcast. This was seen as a concession to Beijing. This shows that the importance of the Chinese game market is increasing globally.

  不久前,美國公司動視暴雪(Activision Blizzard)暫停了一名在直播中支持香港反政府示威活動的電子競技選手的參賽資格,此舉被視為對北京的讓步。這顯示出中國游戲市場在全球的重要性日益上升。

  Some parents and gamers are skeptical about these rules.


  Yang Bingben, 35, is the owner of an industrial technology company in eastern China. He said he is worried that many children will still find ways to play video games. For example, he noticed that his 7-year-old son often plays games that don't require networking and is difficult to control.


  We have something new to replace the game, he said. "Our thinking should be to build more stadiums, such as football stadiums or basketball courts."




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